Christopher E. Peters: Driving Growth and Building Relationships through Strategic Sales Leadership

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    Christopher E. Peters, a distinguished professional known for his exceptional interpersonal skills and strategic business acumen, has built a reputation for driving organizational success through effective sales and business development strategies. Currently serving as the Vice President of Sales/Business Development at The Leavitt Corporation in Everett, MA, Christopher plays a pivotal role in overseeing sales development across multiple channels, including Branded Domestic, Branded Export, Private Label, and Food Service. With a strong focus on driving branded growth and expanding market reach, he has successfully achieved a remarkable 15% year-over-year sales growth, positioning the company as a leader in its industry.

    Christopher’s journey to executive leadership began at Advantage Solutions in Foxboro, MA, where he served in various capacities, including Senior Director of Client Services and Director of Client Services. In these roles, he demonstrated his ability to proactively identify opportunities, develop innovative solutions, and drive revenue growth for key clients such as Energizer Holdings, Reynold’s Consumer Products, and Philips Norelco. Notably, Christopher unlocked $1.2M in new whitespace opportunities for his organization in 2020 alone, surpassing targets and achieving remarkable success.

    Prior to his tenure at Advantage Solutions, Christopher held managerial positions at The Leavitt Corporation, further honing his skills in budget management, trade relations, and market share expansion. His hands-on experience in managing diverse portfolios, including Energizer Household and SCJ Johnson brands, equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of consumer dynamics and market trends.

    Christopher’s career journey also includes roles at Late July Organic Snacks and Demoulas Market Basket, where he gained valuable insights into sales and marketing strategies within the consumer goods industry. His experiences as a Sales and Marketing Intern and Front End Clerk & Sales Merchandiser provided him with a solid foundation in customer relations and retail operations.

    Christopher is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a minor in Business. His academic achievements, combined with his hands-on experience and proven track record of success, make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to drive growth, build strong client relationships, and achieve strategic objectives in today’s competitive market landscape.

    Character: Christopher E. Peters demonstrates integrity and resilience in his professional endeavors, earning trust and respect through ethical leadership.

    Knowledge: With a deep understanding of sales and business development strategies, Christopher leverages his expertise to drive revenue growth and expand market reach effectively.

    Strategic: Christopher excels in developing and implementing innovative solutions, strategically identifying opportunities, and achieving business objectives to drive organizational success.

    Communication: Through clear and impactful communication, Christopher fosters collaboration, builds strong client relationships, and ensures alignment with strategic goals, driving positive outcomes for the company.


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