Chris Mahoney: Transformative Leader in Healthcare Innovation and Strategy

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    Chris Mahoney is a seasoned executive renowned for his dynamic leadership across the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. With a wealth of experience spanning diverse roles, Chris has consistently delivered exceptional results and spearheaded transformative initiatives. Chris has over 10 years of direct management experience across sales, sales training & organizational functions. Most recently, he led a high-performing team in Cardinal Health’s Specialty Pharmaceutical division. That team drove results far surpassing the organization’s plan for both revenue and profit, resulting in Chris winning Sales Leader of Year in both 2021 & 2022.

    At Cardinal Health from 2020 to 2023, Chris served as the National Sales Director for Renal & Allergy/Asthma, leading the Renal franchise for Metro Medical within the Specialty Pharmaceutical division. He adeptly managed a team targeting annual revenues surpassing $660M, negotiating substantial long-term contracts exceeding $1B with national accounts. Chris played a pivotal role in expanding Cardinal Health’s renal distribution footprint, engaging in strategic cross-functional initiatives and leading crucial GPO-related contract renewals. His exceptional performance earned him accolades, including National Sales Director of the Year in 2021 & 2022 and consistent recognition as a Quota Achiever.

    Chris’s academic journey includes a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Colorado – Denver and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The Ohio State University. His entrepreneurial mindset is evident through his participation in an Entrepreneurial Leadership Program and his commitment to the principle that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” a philosophy by Drucker that underscores the importance of organizational culture in achieving success.

    Currently serving as the National Account Director at Glaxo Smith Kline since 2023, Chris leads the commercialization efforts for the US launch of a groundbreaking product, Jesduvroq, in Enterprise Dialysis. His responsibilities encompass managing contracting, pricing, and devising engagement strategies for the world’s largest dialysis provider. He focuses on building clinical support programs that engage nephrologists nationwide and collaborates with market access teams to develop robust trade distribution strategies.

    Throughout his career, Chris showcased expertise in sales leadership, healthcare strategy, organizational design, and culture building. He holds certifications as a Richardson Certified Trainer and Birkman Certified professional, further showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

    Prior to his current role, Chris made significant impacts at Smith & Nephew Orthopedics, Power Play, and Medimix Specialty Pharmacy, demonstrating his prowess in sales development, managerial roles, and entrepreneurial ventures. Notably, as the Regional Sales Director at Medimix, he established an organization catering to new mothers’ insurance coverage for lactation support, reaching over 200 families in the Denver region.

    Chris Mahoney’s career trajectory exemplifies an unwavering commitment to excellence, strategic vision, and a passion for driving growth and innovation in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. His extensive experience, coupled with a relentless pursuit of success, positions him as a transformative leader shaping the industry’s future landscape.

    Character: Chris Mahoney demonstrates resilience, integrity, and an entrepreneurial mindset, evident through his commitment to excellence and the creation of innovative healthcare solutions.

    Knowledge: He possesses a robust educational background in Business Administration and Economics, complemented by certifications in sales training, showcasing his deep expertise in healthcare strategy, sales leadership, and organizational design.

    Strategic: Chris strategically navigates complex corporate landscapes, leading cross-functional initiatives, negotiating substantial contracts, and expanding distribution footprints, displaying an exceptional ability to drive growth and execute visionary plans.

    Communication: Known for his exceptional communication skills, Chris excels in fostering collaborations, building relationships with key stakeholders, and articulating compelling narratives, pivotal in engaging healthcare professionals and driving successful commercialization efforts.


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