Cheryl L. Mason, MSHI: Leading Healthcare Informatics Innovator

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    Cheryl L. Mason stands at the forefront of healthcare informatics, boasting a career spanning over thirty years that showcases her exceptional leadership in operational management and strategic roles within both clinical settings and vendor organizations. Cheryl has been with Health Language since August 2013, serving as the leader of informatics for six years and now holds the position of Product Manager of Terminology. Cheryl brings unparalleled expertise and vision to the senior leadership team, where she influences critical decisions and drives initiatives at the intersection of technology and healthcare delivery.

    With a deep understanding of healthcare terminologies and interoperability, Cheryl has played a pivotal role in advancing the adoption and integration of key standards such as LOINC, RxNORM, SNOMED, and ICD-10. Her work ensures that clinical data across diverse systems and platforms are standardized and readily accessible, laying the foundation for improved patient care outcomes and operational efficiencies.

    Cheryl’s journey in healthcare informatics began with foundational roles where she honed her skills in terminology management and data governance. Her tenure includes significant achievements such as leading teams in the development of clinical content crucial for Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. Under her leadership, Health Language has seen substantial advancements in the accuracy and efficacy of its clinical terminologies, supporting healthcare organizations in navigating complex data landscapes with confidence.

    Beyond her technical acumen, Cheryl is recognized for her collaborative leadership style and her ability to build consensus across cross-functional teams. She excels in coaching and empowering team members to achieve higher levels of performance, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within her organization.

    Cheryl’s influence extends beyond the boardroom as a thought leader and educator in healthcare informatics. She is a prolific author, contributing extensively to industry journals and blogs on topics ranging from the impact of SNOMED CT in Electronic Health Records (EHR) to data normalization and quality metrics. Her presentations at national and local conferences, including AHIMA and AMIA, highlight her deep insights into terminology management strategies and the evolving landscape of health information exchange.

    Educationally, Cheryl holds a Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) from Walden University, complementing her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Adams State College. She has furthered her expertise with specialized courses in SNOMED CT and content development, underscoring her commitment to staying at the forefront of healthcare technology.

    Active in professional communities, Cheryl is a member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), where she continues to advocate for standards-driven healthcare solutions and collaborative data governance practices.

    Cheryl L. Mason exemplifies leadership and innovation in healthcare informatics, driving transformative change that enhances data interoperability, clinical outcomes, and operational efficiencies across the healthcare continuum. Her dedication to advancing healthcare technology and improving patient care underscores her status as a visionary leader in the field. Cheryl is currently writing a continuing education course in semantic interoperability for public health professionals, which will be integrated into the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) GETPHIT program.

    Character: Cheryl L. Mason embodies integrity, diligence, and a collaborative spirit, fostering trust and respect in healthcare informatics leadership.

    Knowledge: Cheryl possesses extensive expertise in healthcare terminologies, interoperability standards, and clinical informatics, driving advancements that optimize data utilization and patient care.

    Strategic: Cheryl demonstrates strategic acumen by leading initiatives that align technology with healthcare delivery needs, enhancing operational efficiencies and patient outcomes through innovative informatics solutions.

    Communication: Cheryl excels in effective communication as evidenced by her impactful presentations at national conferences and prolific contributions to industry publications, educating and influencing healthcare stakeholders globally.


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