Charles Hutcherson: Visionary Leader in Transportation Design/Planning and Project Management

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    Charles Hutcherson is a seasoned professional with over 39 years of experience, currently serving as the President/Owner of Central Signs and Silent Fortress which primarily serves as a sub-contractor to U.S. government contracts. In his Civil engineering days, he was the Florida Business Development and Marketing Lead and Principal Project Manager/Planner for the last two firms he was employed by. In those roles, he oversaw transportation planning, roadway design, rail/transit studies, land development, corridor studies, and PD&E Study pursuits. His responsibilities ranged from initial proposal writing to final plans production, showcasing his expertise in planning, design, and construction management.

    With a rich background, Charles has been instrumental in various high-profile projects, such as the I-95 Overland Bridge Design/Build project in Duval County. Leading the study and redesign, he demonstrated his strategic vision by transforming a routine bridge replacement into the complex and holistic “Overland Bridge Project,” addressing traffic and access deficiencies in downtown Jacksonville.

    His contributions extend to transportation planning studies, including the Duval County Demand Forecast Model and Baymeadows Area Transportation Study, where he led the development of congestion relief strategies and multi-modal transportation projects.

    When Charles was in the US Army in Wurzburg Germany in the mid-80’s he held a TS/SCI clearance while a distant campus student at the University of Maryland, he has undergone extensive certifications and training over his career reflecting his ongoing commitment to professional development. His diverse skill set includes expertise in environmental management, public information training, advanced work zone traffic control and a certified SCUBA diver.
    Throughout his career, Charles has been recognized for his outstanding contributions, receiving awards such as the 2009 FPZA Outstanding Transportation Study of the Year for the Duval County Demand Forecast Model and Baymeadows Area Transportation Study. His leadership extends to various projects, including railroad crossing safety projects, alternative analysis bus rapid transit studies, and PD&E studies for major highways like I-95, SR 35, and SR 5.

    In addition to his professional accomplishments, Charles has established strong client relationships, particularly with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Jacksonville Transportation, Port and Electric Authorities (JTA), (JPA) and (JEA). He holds leadership positions, contributing to committees and task forces, showcasing his influence as well in the public sector.

    Beyond his professional achievements, Charles has been actively involved in community service, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact. His extensive experience, strategic mindset, and leadership make Charles Hutcherson a distinguished professional in the field of transportation engineering/planning and project management, construction management.

    Character: Charles Hutcherson is a distinguished professional with over 39 years of experience, showcasing impeccable character through his commitment to community service, leadership roles, and recognition for outstanding contributions in volunteer roles and services in the non-profit community for transformative and social reform.

    Knowledge: His extensive knowledge is evident in his Engineering achievements and awards, complemented by certifications in environmental management, public information training, and developing government standards in software engineering for the DOT, highlighting his commitment to continuous professional development.

    Strategic: Charles’s strategic prowess is demonstrated in his leadership on complex projects like the I-95 Overland Bridge, where he transformed a routine bridge replacement into a comprehensive solution, addressing traffic and access deficiencies in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

    Communication: Communication is a key strength for Charles, as seen in his role as a liaison between clients, sub-consultants, technical staff, and community organizations, ensuring project design requirements, quality control, and schedule demands are met, emphasizing his ability to facilitate effective collaboration.


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