Charles C. Morgan: Distinguished Professional in Governance, Strategy, and Communication

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    Charles C. Morgan is a seasoned professional with a diverse and extensive background, making him an invaluable asset to any organization. His commitment to governance is rooted in James Madison’s timeless words: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” Charles specializes in nonprofit organization implementation, administration, legal compliance, risk management controls, and financial integrity.

    As the Founder, Member of the Board, General Counsel, Treasurer, Webmaster, and Editor of The Hungerford World Tree Quarterly Newsletter for The Hungerford Family Foundation, Inc. (THFFI), Charles has showcased his skills in drafting and filing charters, bylaws, and securing tax-exempt status. His leadership is evident in chairing all board meetings and ensuring the success of this Florida nonprofit corporation since 2014.

    Charles is also the Founder and Principal of HessMorganHouse, LLC (HMH Consulting), a consultancy dedicated to life insurance for Fortune 1,000 companies, insurance firms, brokers, and law practices since 2005. His expertise extends to being a Member of the Governing Body and General Counsel of the Florida Mayflower Society.

    With a remarkable career at PruBenefit Funding, Charles served as Founder, President, and CEO, transforming the company into the preeminent group life insurance business for Fortune 1,000 Companies and banks. Under his leadership, assets grew from zero to $14 billion by 2005.

    Having served on the Governing Body of West Windsor Township, NJ, and the Ashford Village Homeowners Association in Houston, TX, Charles has a strong foundation in community leadership. His contributions as an author of numerous articles and a privately published book on nonprofit organizations and constitutional standing further showcase his dedication to knowledge dissemination.

    Charles is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Texas along with securities and life insurance certifications covering all fifty states. His academic background includes an MBA from Pepperdine University, a JD from Vanderbilt University School of Law, and a BA from Wesleyan University.

    Accolades such as the American Jurisprudence Award and the Thomas Jefferson Citizen of the Year reflect Charles’s outstanding leadership and unwavering dedication to peace, equality, and fairness. Tireless in research, he received recognition from The Indian American Civic Forum and The Consistory of First Reformed Church of New Brunswick.

    In summary, Charles C. Morgan is a distinguished professional with a remarkable track record, embodying the principles of leadership, knowledge, and community service.

    Character: Charles C. Morgan demonstrates unwavering character, embodying principles outlined by James Madison and showcasing a commitment to governance.

    Knowledge: Specializing in nonprofit organization implementation, administration, legal compliance, risk management controls, and financial integrity, Charles exhibits extensive knowledge in various areas.

    Strategic: Charles strategically leads organizations, evident in roles such as Founder and Principal of HMH Consulting, and as CEO of PruBenefit Funding, where he transformed the business into a preeminent group life insurance business.

    Communication: Proficient in communication, Charles serves as Founder, Member of the Board, General Counsel, Treasurer, Webmaster, and Editor, emphasizing effective dissemination of knowledge and ideas in various leadership roles and as an author.


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