Carl Sekely: A Resolute Leader in Corporate Revitalization and Financial Management

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    Carl Sekely is a highly accomplished executive with a distinguished career spanning over four decades. He specializes in delivering practical solutions to intricate challenges, particularly in under-performing and turnaround/crisis situations. With a wealth of experience, Carl has consistently demonstrated the ability to find common ground among disparate parties and navigate complex negotiations successfully.

    Throughout his career, Carl has developed a deep expertise in various areas, including strategic planning, presentation, negotiation, capital and liquidity management, interim management, financial analysis, and forecasting. He has also excelled in the development and execution of restructuring plans, making him a trusted advisor in corporate revitalization.

    On a tactical level, Carl has a track record of implementing profit and cash flow enhancements, organizational and operational improvements, insolvency and bankruptcy processes, transactional matters, recapitalizations, business plan evaluations, and liquidations, both in and out of court. His industry experience spans a wide range, covering sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, printing, aggregate mining/supply, oil distribution, energy and power plants, and municipalities, among others.

    One of Carl’s unique strengths is his ability to serve both debtors and creditors effectively. On the debtor side, he excels in strategic, operational, and financial aspects of corporate revitalization, while on the creditor side, he has represented prominent lenders across a broad spectrum of credits.

    Carl Sekely’s insights and solutions are enriched by his experience as a private business owner. Before joining Conway MacKenzie, he spent more than fifteen years as a business owner and executive, leading companies providing engineering services and manufacturing across North America and Asia. His roles included Managing Member, President, and Director/Officer.

    With a solid educational background, Carl holds an MBA with a Finance Concentration from Penn State University, where he graduated with honors. He was also the President of the Association for Corporate Growth during his time at Penn State. Additionally, he earned a BSBA in Business Administration, Management and Operations from Bowling Green State University, with a dual major in Production and Operations Management, and Procurement and Inventory Control.

    Carl Sekely’s professional journey is underpinned by his commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. He is a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) and has amassed a wealth of skills and knowledge, earning endorsements from numerous colleagues and peers. His expertise encompasses areas such as mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, private equity, financial modeling, and more.

    As a visionary and strategic thinker, Carl Sekely brings a rare combination of hands-on experience, academic rigor, and a results-oriented approach to every challenge he undertakes. His dedication to finding innovative solutions and his profound expertise make him a highly regarded and sought-after leader in the field of corporate revitalization and financial management.

    Character: Carl Sekely is a seasoned executive with a strong track record in corporate revitalization, known for his integrity, resilience, and commitment to achieving positive outcomes in challenging situations.

    Knowledge: With an MBA in Finance and extensive industry expertise, Carl possesses a deep knowledge of strategic planning, financial management, and restructuring, making him a trusted advisor in complex business scenarios.

    Strategic: Carl excels at developing and executing strategic plans, profit enhancements, and organizational improvements, showcasing his ability to navigate complex situations with a long-term vision.

    Communication: Carl’s strong communication skills are evident in his success in negotiation and finding common ground among diverse parties, facilitating effective interactions and problem-solving in under-performing and crisis situations.


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