Bruce Schreiber: Pioneering Technologist Revolutionizing Healthcare and IT Interoperability

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    Bruce Schreiber is an accomplished Chief Technology Officer with a robust history in the information technology and services industry. With an extensive tenure spanning various domains including Management, Health Care Interoperability, Healthcare Technology Standards, Trading Systems, Trading, Risk Management, and Hedge Funds, Bruce has exemplified expertise and leadership.

    Presently, Bruce serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Schreiber Tech Advisors, LLC, exhibiting his multifaceted skills and leadership prowess. Prior to this, he contributed significantly as a Director Emeritus and Chairman of the Board at DirectTrust, a non-profit association supporting secure and interoperable health information exchange.

    Bruce’s tenure at MedAllies, a healthcare interoperability network, showcased his significant impact as  the Chief Technology Officer and later as a Senior Advisor. Here, he spearheaded initiatives aimed at optimizing healthcare interoperability and enhancing patient care, catering to a vast network of hospitals, providers, and vendor partners.

    Before MedAllies, Bruce led technological advancements at MaxMD, a healthcare IT solutions provider, where his pioneering role as CTO ensured the organization’s recognition as a leader in secure healthcare information technology and interoperability solutions.

    His journey began in the financial sector, with roles at Morgan Stanley, CIBC and Safra Asset Management, focusing on risk management, trading, quantitative analytics and asset management, furthering his breadth of expertise in financial markets.

    Bruce holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Columbia University and dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Management Science and Operations Research and Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Endowed with a diverse skill set encompassing risk management, trading systems, healthcare technology standards, and hedge funds, Bruce Schreiber continues to contribute his wealth of knowledge and expertise to drive innovations in information technology and healthcare interoperability.

    • Character: Bruce Schreiber demonstrates integrity, resilience, and a dedicated work ethic through his extensive leadership roles and innovative contributions in healthcare technology.
    • Knowledge: He possesses a profound understanding of healthcare interoperability, information technology, risk management, and trading systems, backed by years of hands-on experience in these domains.
    • Strategic: Bruce exhibits a strategic mindset, focusing on fostering nationwide healthcare interoperability, implementing secure networks, and aligning technology solutions with organizational goals.
    • Communication: He excels in effective communication, fostering collaboration between diverse stakeholders and promoting the importance of secure health information exchange to drive impactful outcomes.


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