Bruce Ericson: Visionary Sales Leader Driving High-Tech Startup Growth

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    Bruce Ericson is a proven sales executive renowned for igniting growth within high-tech startups, excelling in roles from the inception of sales teams to scaling existing ones. Based in Palo Alto, California, he exhibits an unwavering commitment to aligning technology with real-world business challenges, achieving crucial revenue milestones, and adeptly overcoming barriers to customer acquisition.

    His career highlights a strong command of Enterprise B2B, SaaS, AI/ML, IoT, Computer Vision, and Security domains. Notable roles include:

    • Vintra, Inc. – Serving as Vice President of Global Sales, Bruce led a team from inception, securing major commercial deals with Fortune 10 companies, prominent public sector projects, law enforcement agencies, and significant government entities.
    • Matroid, Inc. – As Head of Global Sales and Marketing, he built a multi-million-dollar pipeline, established key partnerships, and crafted a go-to-market strategy across diverse industries, enhancing Matroid’s market visibility significantly.
    • Silicon Valley Sales Group, Inc. – In this consultancy role, Bruce coached CEOs and Sales Leaders, transforming sales approaches using the Sandler Selling System, and provided strategic consulting services, nurturing businesses towards scalable sales efforts.
    • – As Senior Vice President of Global Sales, he secured major clients, forged partnerships with tech giants, and played a pivotal role in the company’s growth strategy, specifically targeting telcos and cloud vendors.
    • Azul Systems – Bruce led global sales, successfully increasing revenue, restructuring the sales team, and orchestrating monumental deals with top-tier financial institutions, significantly contributing to the company’s growth trajectory.
    • NetBase Solutions – During his tenure, he escalated revenue, improved renewal rates, and negotiated a substantial partnership agreement with SAP, positioning NetBase as a significant player in the SaaS space.
    • Real Time Innovations – Bruce pioneered global sales, developing intricate solution-based sales models, driving substantial revenue growth, and establishing a robust international market presence.
    • VenturCom – In this role, he spearheaded global sales and alliances, fostering strategic partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft and Intel, significantly contributing to the company’s exponential growth.

    With a Master’s in Business Administration from Northeastern University and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Bruce Ericson epitomizes a sales visionary, adept at driving sales strategies, forging crucial partnerships, and propelling tech startups towards unprecedented growth and success.

    • Character: Bruce demonstrates unwavering dedication, resilience, and a relentless focus on overcoming obstacles to drive customer acquisition, fostering relationships, and scaling sales teams in high-tech startup environments.
    • Knowledge: He possesses a deep understanding of enterprise B2B sales, SaaS, AI/ML, IoT, Computer Vision, and Security, utilizing this expertise to align technology solutions with real-world business challenges.
    • Strategic: Bruce displays exceptional strategic acumen by formulating and executing winning sales strategies, forging key partnerships, and crafting go-to-market approaches that significantly enhance market visibility and revenue generation across various industries.
    • Communication: His adeptness in communication shines through in his ability to articulate complex technological solutions, foster strong commercial relationships with influential partners, and lead global sales teams, thereby propelling companies to unprecedented growth trajectories through effective and compelling communication strategies.


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