Barbara Gilmore: Leading with Integrity and Innovation in Information Technology

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    Barbara Gilmore is a seasoned executive with a career marked by ethical leadership, innovative thinking, strategic vision, and change management expertise. With over two decades of experience in various leadership roles, Barbara has established herself as a trusted figure in the realm of information technology and business operations.

    Beginning her journey as a Regional Desktop Support Manager at the Colorado Department of Human Services, Barbara honed her skills in IT service delivery operations management, overseeing a large-scale enterprise desktop environment and managing Tier II help desk support for thousands of workstations and mobile devices across the state. Her exceptional leadership abilities were recognized with accolades such as the Colorado Information Management Association (CIMA) Manager of the Year award in 2008 and 2009.

    Barbara’s career trajectory continued to ascend as she transitioned to roles of increasing responsibility, including Executive Director at Centura Health, where she oversaw the delivery of client technology services for 23 hospitals and over 600 clinics across multiple states. In this capacity, Barbara led a team of over 75 professionals, driving innovation, implementing strategic initiatives, and ensuring seamless technology integration to enhance operational efficiency and patient care.

    Her tenure at the Governor’s Office of Information Technology further solidified her reputation as a strategic leader, where she served as the Executive Director of IT, overseeing all state IT departments and aligning technology initiatives with business objectives. Barbara’s ability to navigate complex organizational landscapes and drive technological advancements earned her recognition for her contributions to the public sector.

    In her most recent role as Vice President at DP Guardian, INC, Barbara’s strategic oversight and operational acumen have been instrumental in driving business expansion and overseeing comprehensive administration across various business platforms. Collaborating closely with the executive team, Barbara spearheads initiatives to optimize operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.

    Barbara’s educational background includes continuing her graduate degree in Information Technology from Regis University, where she has gained a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their application in business environments. She possesses a diverse skill set, ranging from budgeting and business analysis to leadership and technical support, making her a versatile and invaluable asset to any organization.

    In addition to her professional accomplishments, Barbara is known for her commitment to ethical leadership, fostering a culture of trust, transparency, and accountability within every organization she serves. Her dedication to upholding high ethical standards and integrity sets her apart as a leader of unwavering character and integrity.

    In summary, Barbara Gilmore’s extensive experience, strategic vision, and commitment to excellence make her a highly respected executive in the field of information technology and business operations. With a proven track record of driving organizational success and leading teams through transformative change, Barbara is poised to continue making significant contributions to the industry for years to come.

    Character: Barbara Gilmore is a beacon of ethical leadership, known for upholding high standards of integrity and fostering a culture of trust and transparency within organizations.

    Knowledge: With over two decades of experience in information technology and business operations, Barbara possesses deep industry knowledge and a keen understanding of emerging trends and technologies.

    Strategic: Barbara demonstrates a strategic vision for business growth and development, leveraging technology to drive revenue, improve operational efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve in a competitive market landscape.

    Communication: Known for her exceptional communication skills, Barbara excels at articulating complex ideas, leading teams through transitions, managing resistance, and driving adoption of new processes and technologies through effective communication strategies.


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