Austin Leavitt: Pioneering Financial Strategist and Business Transition Expert

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    Austin Leavitt is a distinguished financial strategist and consultant renowned for his extensive expertise in business transitions and wealth management, particularly within the medical and dental sectors. With over a decade of experience in financial planning and practice management, Austin has built an illustrious career marked by his exceptional contributions to the field.

    A trailblazer in facilitating seamless transitions for retiring oral surgeons to new graduates, Austin has been pivotal in orchestrating successful business handovers and cultivating strategic business plans for budding OMS start-ups. His adeptness in managing corporate retirement accounts, charitable trusts, and catering to the needs of qualified investors showcases his comprehensive understanding of the wealth management landscape.

    Austin’s academic journey underscores his commitment to excellence. Holding a double major in Business and Finance, complemented by a minor in Economics from Utah Valley University, he laid a robust foundation for his career. His pursuit of continuous learning led him to attain a Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University, where he also earned a master’s certificate in charitable planning.

    During his tenure at The Financial Advisory Group, Inc., Austin served as a dedicated Financial Planner for nearly nine years. His tenure saw him providing invaluable insights and solutions to clients, guiding them towards their financial goals and securing their futures. Notably, his role encompassed offering board advisory services to diverse organizations and start-up firms, a testament to his multifaceted expertise.

    Austin’s exceptional skills extend beyond financial planning and encompass various facets of operations management, sustainable investing, economic modeling, and more. His prowess in crafting business plans specifically tailored for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons and his broader expertise within the dentistry and medical domain sets him apart as a sought-after consultant in the field.

    Presently embracing a semi-retirement phase, Austin generously shares his wealth of knowledge and experience by offering professional consulting services. His commitment to assisting others is evident in his offer to provide initial guidance at no cost, emphasizing his dedication to empowering individuals and businesses alike.

    Whether advising on practice transitions, managing retirement portfolios, or steering budding start-ups, Austin Leavitt remains a paragon of financial acumen and strategic guidance, exemplifying excellence in the realm of wealth management and business consultancy.

    Character: Austin Leavitt embodies integrity and dedication, showcasing a profound commitment to ethical financial practices and a genuine passion for helping others achieve their financial goals.

    Knowledge: With a comprehensive background in business, finance, and economics, Austin possesses a wealth of expertise, honed through academic achievements and extensive practical experience, particularly in the niche of oral surgery practice transitions and wealth management.

    Strategic: Renowned for his strategic acumen, Austin Leavitt excels in devising tailored business plans and implementing astute financial strategies, leveraging his deep industry insights to navigate complex challenges and optimize outcomes.

    Communication: Austin’s exceptional communication skills enable him to articulate intricate financial concepts with clarity, fostering strong connections with clients and stakeholders while effectively translating intricate financial strategies into actionable plans.


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