Arthur R. Tyre: Visionary Consultant and Business Leader Driving Innovation in Healthcare and Manufacturing

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    Arthur R. Tyre is a seasoned Consultant and Business Advisor specializing in strategy, operations, and customer-centric approaches within the fields of Diagnostics, Medical Devices, and Nutritional Foods. With a profound leadership background including executive positions encompassing Manufacturing and Quality Assurance, Tyre is deeply invested in a people-centric approach and the talent processes that find and retain the company’s most valuable resource. His career is distinguished by an unwavering focus on building high-performing teams, promoting innovation, maintaining quality, and ensuring compliance standards while prioritizing customer focus/needs.

    His career highlights include developing programs fostering excellence among leaders/future leaders, driving substantial margin improvements via lean principles, strategizing to optimize global manufacturing operations, and pioneering innovative solutions like employing human reliability science in operations. His adeptness in navigating complex compliance scenarios and extensive experience interfacing with the FDA underscores his expertise in the field.

    At Abbott Nutrition, as Director of Global Quality Excellence, Tyre spearheaded a margin improvement program resulting in substantial cost savings while revolutionizing global product testing strategies and employing Human Reliability Science, leading to significant reductions in error rates and enhanced floor execution.

    His tenure at Abbott Medical Optics saw him restructuring the global Quality organization, attracting top talent to redefine Quality operations and navigate compliance challenges, ultimately enhancing business processes and people engagement.

    As Divisional Vice President of U.S. Manufacturing Operations at Abbott Vascular, Tyre contributed to record growth, achieving substantial cost improvements, and launching groundbreaking medical devices.

    Previously, Tyre held various pivotal roles at Abbott Laboratories, directing manufacturing operations, overseeing quality and regulatory organizations, and successfully executing large-scale projects, including a brown-field international manufacturing start-up.

    Arthur Tyre holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master of Business Administration in General Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. He held certifications in Quality Engineering and Reliability Engineering from ASQ (not current) and holds a coronary guidewire patent.

    Art Tyre’s extensive experience, coupled with his commitment to the advancement of foundational business processes: Leadership, Talent and Decision-Making, offers a bespoke approach to solving the challenges facing businesses in most realms of manufacturing and customer-centric businesses. 

    • Character: Arthur Tyre exemplifies strong leadership, fostering passion, innovation, and accountability among teams to strive for excellence in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors.
    • Knowledge: He possesses extensive expertise in optimizing global manufacturing operations, employing human reliability science, navigating compliance challenges, and developing innovative validation programs, crucial for enhancing operational efficiency and risk mitigation.
    • Strategic: Arthur Tyre crafts customer-centric strategies, restructuring quality organizations, driving margin improvement through lean principles, and creating innovative solutions, demonstrating a sharp strategic acumen vital for business growth.
    • Communication: He effectively communicates and fosters engagement, exemplified by culture change programs that significantly increased employee engagement, demonstrating his adeptness in conveying a compelling vision and fostering connections across a global within the workforce.


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