Anthony Nugent: Accomplished Executive in Investment, Strategic Planning, and Employee Benefits

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    Anthony Nugent is a seasoned executive with a diverse and accomplished career spanning various leadership roles. Currently serving as the President of the Old Palm Golf Club Board of Governors, he has contributed to the club’s success and growth over the past 4 years. Simultaneously, Anthony is the Partner at Park Dental Aligners, a self-employed venture based in Ardmore, Oklahoma, emphasizing his entrepreneurial spirit.

    As the President and CEO of Calleta Partners, LLC, Inc., Anthony has been actively involved in investment, relationship management, and brokering within the employer-sponsored plan market since October 2015. His strategic approach includes establishing partnerships with insurance carriers and national brokerage firms, showcasing his prowess in business development.

    Prior to his current ventures, Anthony held a distinguished position as the Executive Vice President at MetLife, where he served for an impressive 24 years until April 2015. In this role, he led Distribution, Account Management, and Broker Relationships for MetLife’s Group Voluntary and Worksite business, managing over 50,000 employer groups and $20 billion in annual revenues. Before this, he served as Senior VP, overseeing 60 agencies and 3500 financial service representatives in MetLife’s Retail business. Additionally, Anthony served on the boards of Hyatt Legal, Inc., MAXIS, and MetLife Securities, Inc.

    Anthony’s leadership skills are underscored by numerous endorsements from colleagues, showcasing his proficiency in strategic planning, leadership, management, sales, recruiting, and employee benefits. His extensive experience and strategic acumen make him a valuable asset in the realms of business and investment.

    Character: Anthony Nugent is a seasoned executive with a diverse and accomplished career, showcasing leadership, entrepreneurship, and a strong track record in key roles.

    Knowledge: With extensive experience in leadership positions, Anthony demonstrates profound knowledge in areas such as investment, relationship management, brokering, and the employer-sponsored plan market.

    Strategic: Anthony’s strategic acumen is evident in his roles as President and CEO of Calleta Partners, LLC, Inc., where he establishes partnerships and in his 24-year tenure at MetLife, overseeing key aspects of the business, highlighting his business development skills.

    Communication: Endorsements from colleagues underscore Anthony’s proficiency in communication, including strategic planning, leadership, management, sales, recruiting, and employee benefits, making him a valuable asset in business and investment.


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