Anthony F. Asaro: A Veteran IT Executive and Entrepreneur

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    Anthony F. Asaro is a seasoned information technology professional and accomplished entrepreneur with over three decades of industry experience. Residing in Toronto, Ontario, Anthony graduated from Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology in 1979, specializing in the design and development of computer software. His early academic achievements include graduating from Nelson A. Boylen Secondary School and obtaining various management-related certifications from prestigious institutions such as IBM, the University of Toronto, and Queen’s University.

    Anthony’s professional journey began as an independent contractor and consultant with TKM & Associates, where he honed his expertise in technical services on IBM SYS38 and AS400 platforms, managing applications such as A/R, A/P, financial reporting, order entry, processing, and warehouse management. In 1991, he co-founded InterTrans Logistics Solutions Ltd, serving as Vice President of Software Development. In this role, he was instrumental in designing and developing the company’s main logistics software product, managing IT functions, and producing technical and user documentation. His leadership and innovation contributed significantly to the company’s success, culminating in its acquisition by i2 Technologies in 1998.

    From 1998 to 2006, Anthony served as President of Fission BMC Inc., where he managed corporate affairs and IT functions, supported legacy AS400 software applications, and provided project management and consulting services. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish ARGENTUM Enterprises Inc. in 2007, where he currently serves as Owner and Managing Director. At ARGENTUM, Anthony oversees corporate affairs, investment opportunities, project management, and systems analysis and design, demonstrating his robust technical writing skills and strategic vision.

    Anthony’s career is marked by his exceptional analytical abilities, strong management skills, and proficiency with Microsoft Office products. His entrepreneurial mindset and self-starter attitude have enabled him to successfully start and grow four companies. Beyond his professional achievements, Anthony is an Ontario Scholar Award recipient and enjoys a range of personal interests, including fine dining, traveling, sports, and music. He is an avid golfer and hockey player and a member of the Islington Golf Club. Anthony’s dedication to excellence and continuous learning has established him as a respected leader in the IT industry.

    Character: Anthony F. Asaro demonstrates integrity, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit, successfully founding and growing four companies.

    Knowledge: With a specialized background in computer software from Seneca College and various management certifications, Anthony possesses deep expertise in IT and management.

    Strategic: Anthony exhibits strategic acumen by managing corporate affairs, driving investment opportunities, and leading project management and systems analysis at ARGENTUM Enterprises Inc.

    Communication: Proficient in technical writing and interpersonal communication, Anthony excels in conveying complex ideas and fostering collaboration across diverse teams.


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