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    Alex Dixon, based in Riverside, CT, is a dynamic executive known for his adept leadership in both startup ventures and established organizations. With a proven track record of team building and motivation, Alex excels in managing business growth, go-to-market teams, and operational strategies, having overseen teams of 300+ FTEs and annual budgets exceeding $60 million.

    As a seasoned leader, Alex brings extensive experience in product development, regulatory compliance, strategic planning, and relationship management. His expertise extends across various industries, including finance, technology, and consulting.

    In his current role at S&P Global’s Market Intelligence group, Alex spearheads Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions for the Enterprise Solutions business, overseeing a portfolio with approximately $1 billion in annual revenue. With a keen eye for strategic opportunities, Alex is dedicated to identifying and acquiring puzzle pieces that enhance product capabilities, facilitate expansion into adjacent markets, and deliver superior solutions to clients worldwide. Continuously vigilant in the dynamic landscape of enterprise solutions, Alex drives initiatives that strengthen S&P Global’s market position and propel growth in key areas.

    Previously, as VP and Global Head of Client Lifecycle Management & KYC Business at Pegasystems in Cambridge, MA, Alex demonstrated his prowess in sales strategy, product development, and strategic partnerships, contributing to the success of $50M+ ACV products.

    Alex’s tenure at Bloomberg LP in New York, NY, as Managing Director marked his significant impact on new startup ventures, where he played a pivotal role in structuring business cases, developing sales strategies, and achieving remarkable sales growth.

    His career also includes executive roles at UBS, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Accenture, where he led strategic initiatives, managed global teams, and developed innovative solutions to address complex business challenges.

    A licensed professional with memberships in industry organizations such as FINRA Series 99 License, LEI Steering Committee, and EDM Council, Alex holds a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Lehigh University and has undergone executive training at the University of Chicago Business School.

    With his strategic vision, collaborative leadership style, and diverse expertise, Alex continues to make significant contributions to the success and growth of organizations across industries.

    Character: Alex demonstrates integrity, resilience, and a commitment to excellence, evident in his proactive approach to team building and managing business growth in diverse environments.

    Knowledge: With over three decades of experience across various industries and roles, including extensive expertise in product development, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning, Alex possesses a deep understanding of business operations and technology solutions.

    Strategic: Alex excels in developing and executing strategic initiatives, as seen in his leadership roles where he successfully managed global teams, drove sales growth, and established strategic partnerships to achieve business objectives.

    Communication: Known for his effective communication skills, Alex fosters collaboration, builds strong partnerships, and enhances market presence through various channels such as blogs, podcasts, and webinars, ensuring stakeholders are well-informed and aligned with business strategies.


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