Aaron LoCascio: Visionary Leader and Co-Founder of Greenlane Holdings

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    Aaron is a visionary entrepreneur known for his expertise in problem-solving, advanced negotiation, and exit strategies. As Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Greenlane Holdings from 2005 to 2021, Aaron recognized the potential of the vaporization industry and transformed an online resale business into a global powerhouse. His strategic acumen and market insights led Greenlane to acquire and develop a diverse portfolio of brands, establishing it as a leader in the industry. Aaron’s tenure was marked by innovation and excellence, driving significant growth and market dominance. Beyond his executive roles, he continues to contribute to Greenlane as a Board Member, ensuring his visionary leadership and strategic insights remain influential. Aaron’s deep expertise in e-commerce, brand development, and marketing strategy, coupled with his strong communication skills, have cemented his reputation as a leader who drives sustained growth and market success.

    During his tenure, Aaron’s strategic acumen and comprehensive market insights propelled Greenlane to acquire and develop a diverse portfolio of company-owned brands and e-commerce platforms. This transformation solidified Greenlane as the partner of choice for many leading brands in the industry. His leadership style was marked by a commitment to innovation and excellence, which translated into significant growth and market dominance for Greenlane.

    In addition to his executive roles, Aaron served as Chairman of the Board from April 2019 to September 2021 and continues to contribute his expertise as a Board Member since September 2021. His tenure saw the successful integration and creation of unique brands, while managing a dynamic team across multiple regions and countries.

    Aaron’s academic background includes studies in Accounting and Business/Management at the University of Central Florida. His professional skills are extensive, ranging from contract negotiation and customer service to brand management and social media marketing. He is highly endorsed by his peers for his abilities in e-commerce, creative direction, business development, and marketing strategy.

    Beyond his professional achievements, Aaron’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the vaporization industry have left a lasting impact, fostering innovation and setting new standards for excellence. His ongoing role on Greenlane’s Board of Directors ensures that his visionary leadership and strategic insights continue to drive the company’s success.

    Character: Aaron LoCascio demonstrates visionary leadership and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, driving innovation in the vaporization industry.

    Knowledge: With deep expertise in e-commerce and brand development, Aaron has successfully navigated the evolving market landscape since 2005.

    Strategic: Aaron’s strategic acumen is evident in his ability to acquire and develop a diverse portfolio of brands, ensuring Greenlane’s sustained growth and market dominance.

    Communication: Aaron excels in communication, effectively managing a global team and fostering strong partnerships with industry-leading brands.


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