Tammie Carstensen

    Tammie Carstensen is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, specializing in operations and customer service management. As the CEO of Harbor Shores Hotel Management, Inc. in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Tammie oversees all aspects of hotel operations, from personnel management to financial planning and guest relations. Her journey with Harbor Shores began in September 1996 as General Manager, and her dedication and passion for excellence propelled her to the role of CEO in August 2022. Tammie is known for her exceptional leadership qualities, strategic acumen, and operational expertise, driving the growth and success of Harbor Shores as a premier luxury destination. She excels in forging strong relationships with stakeholders, including board members, local businesses, and community organizations, demonstrating integrity and empathy in every interaction. Beyond her professional achievements, Tammie is deeply committed to community service, actively participating in boards and committees such as the Lake Geneva Chamber of Commerce and the Lake Geneva Tourism Commission. Her contributions to the community have earned her numerous awards, including the Citizen of the Year award by the City of Lake Geneva in 2017. Tammie holds certifications in Global Bio Risk Management and Hotel Administration from Best Western International, underscoring her commitment to industry best practices and continuous personal growth. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, engaging in outdoor activities, and giving back to her community, firmly believing in the power of kindness to make a positive difference. Tammie Carstensen is a visionary leader, community champion, and beacon of excellence in the hospitality industry, inspiring and uplifting those around her with her unwavering dedication and profound expertise.
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