Stan Kimer

    Stan Kimer is a dynamic professional renowned for seamlessly blending a fervor for personal growth with unparalleled business acumen, propelling enterprises towards heightened efficiency and profitability through comprehensive engagement strategies. With expertise spanning employee development, career mapping, diversity management, and organizational effectiveness, Stan serves as the Vice President of Training at the National Diversity Council (NDC) since August 2019. In this capacity, he consults with clients, manages diversity and inclusion training discussions, and personally conducts various training programs, including Inclusive Recruiting and the Employee Resource Group Academy, while contributing to the NDC Certification Program faculty. Additionally, as the President and Owner of Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer since October 2010, Stan spearheads a consulting practice dedicated to pioneering approaches to career and skills development, LGBTQ marketplace and workplace diversity, and organizational effectiveness. His commitment to these domains is highlighted on his website: Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer. Notably, Stan's illustrious 31-year tenure at IBM, culminating as the Director of Sales Operations, Global Business Services in 2010, underscores his extensive corporate experience. During his tenure, he also served as the Corporate Diversity Manager for GLBT Diversity Programs from 1999 to 2003, leading initiatives that promoted inclusion and understanding. Educational accolades include an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Chicago (1979) and a BS in Management Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology (1977). Committed to continuous learning, Stan actively participates in professional organizations such as TODN (Triangle Organizational and Development Network), TSHRM, and Greater Raleigh HRA. His impressive skill set is underscored by numerous endorsements for leadership development, change management, project management, coaching, strategic planning, and diversity-related expertise. With a steadfast focus on inclusivity and a proven track record, Stan Kimer stands as a respected authority in the realms of diversity, leadership, and organizational effectiveness.
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