Dr. Kevin John

    I am a dynamic, engaging, and resourceful training, coaching, and development professional with over 17 years of experience in diverse and fast-paced environments. I help individuals, teams, and organizations alleviate challenges with leadership effectiveness, organizational strategy, team productivity, and conflict resolution. Clients consider me a lifelong learner and a lifelong visionary passionate about helping people maximize their potential while activating their purpose. It’s no secret that I want people and organizations to have the tools necessary to win often and win big. Regardless of the environmental constraints or situational factors one faces, I remain curious to discover the story within their story. Getting to the root of the inner story through engaging dialogue is at the core of my methodology. The hidden forces behind our leadership habits, preferences, actions, and inaction have always fascinated me. I continue to enhance my personal and professional development to maintain a high level of effectiveness while serving clients. I also rely heavily on my knowledge of several diverse coaching, adult learning, and leadership modalities.
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